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Mutual Fund Prospectuses & Product Literature

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Prospectus Fact Sheet SAI Semi Annual
Fixed Income
High Yield
SSGA High Yield Bond Fund - Class A SSHGX
State Street Aggregate Bond Index Fund - Class A SSFCX
US Equity
Large Cap
State Street Equity 500 Index Fund - Class A SSSVX
Small / Mid Cap
State Street Small/Mid Cap Equity Index Fund - Class A SSMJX
Small Cap
SSGA Dynamic Small Cap Fund - Class A SSSDX
SSGA Enhanced Small Cap Fund - Class A SSESX
Real Estate
SSGA Clarion Real Estate Fund - Class A SSRVX
Developed Markets
SSGA International Stock Selection Fund - Class A SSILX
State Street Global Equity ex-U.S. Fund - Class A SSGHX
Emerging Markets
State Street Disciplined Emerging Markets Equity Fund - Class A SSELX
Real Estate
State Street Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund - Class A SSRLX
State Street Clarion Global Infrastructure & MLP Fund - Class A SSISX
Alternative Investments
Managed Futures
State Street / Ramius Managed Futures Strategy Fund - Class A RTSRX
Target Retirement
Target Retirement
State Street Target Retirement 2015 Fund - Class A SSBBX
State Street Target Retirement 2020 Fund - Class A SSBJX
State Street Target Retirement 2025 Fund - Class A SSBPX
State Street Target Retirement 2030 Fund - Class A SSBUX
State Street Target Retirement 2035 Fund - Class A SSBZX
State Street Target Retirement 2040 Fund - Class A SSCLX
State Street Target Retirement 2045 Fund - Class A SSCUX
State Street Target Retirement 2050 Fund - Class A SSDFX
State Street Target Retirement 2055 Fund - Class A SSDMX
State Street Target Retirement 2060 Fund - Class A SSDTX
State Street Target Retirement Fund - Class A SSFLX
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Prospectus Fact Sheet SAI Semi Annual
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